Brief Biography

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the curriculum and instruction specialization program, faculty of education, at the University of Victoria in BC. My research interests are varied within the post-seocondary sector, but focus on educators use of technology for teaching, research, and professional development. Of particularly interest are understanding factors that contribute to educators rejection, use, and acceptance of technology in their facilitation practice. I am also interested in understanding how post-secondary educators design instruction and choose or create facilitation materials and assessment tools.

My dissertation is a descriptive phenomenological study of how university educators perceive and describe their experiences with barriers to including open educational resources in their teaching practice.

Since 2014 I’ve facilitated courses in the Adult Education Digital Technologies specialization program for the faculty of education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. This fully online undergraduate program uses problem-based learning as the core assessment and utilizes a highly highly collaborative and interactive approach to synchronous and asynchronous learning and facilitation.

From 2002 to 2010 I was a sessional professor at Seneca College in Toronto. I facilitated courses in the  Creative Advertising, Corporate Communications, Digital Photography, Media Fundamentals, and Radio & Television programs.

In addition to teaching, I was also the principal investigator for two Seneca College research projects. One paper was sponsored by the Toronto Police Services and the other was co-sponsored by the Toronto Police Services and Sunnybook Health Sciences.

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