PR Adds Value to Social Networking Efforts

No matter which social networks you or your company uses, to be effective it important to go beyond selling your products or services. If customers want to buy your products or services, they’ll visit your company website, not your Facebook, GooglePlus, or Twitter pages. Social networks are an added value to the customer experience and a resource to stakeholders.

The added value includes building and maintaining loyalty to your brand or company. Social networks seem to be made for creative public relations initiatives and not necessarily for marketing activities.

Creating loyalty is easy: Put the stakeholder first. Can your company provide timely and in-depth information to stakeholders in your industry? Don’t forget that customers will also be interested, but usually they do not look for “business” information. Social networks are effective for posting helpful tips about the company’s offerings, or simply as a additional point of contact for customer service. Continue reading

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Personal Branding for Educators

I’m a huge advocate of teachers and professors using social media to connect with students, but one of the many benefits that many educators don’t realize is that every time they post something online, they are helping to flesh out their personal brand.

Source: Microsoft images

While most people know that branding is used for organizations, professionals, including educators, can easily overlook branding. Simply put, personal branding is the public perception of a person, and, in the age of social media and search engines, everyone has a brand even if they are not aware of it.

In education, personal branding is important to both the educator and the university. Building an online brand is important for career advance, recognition by peers, prospective and current students, and, if the professor has an excellent online reputation, helps the university market its programs.

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