Crafting Phenomenological Research Chapter 2 Annotation

The following are my notes from Vagle’s book Crafting Phenomenological Research book. This is from chapter two, What is Intentionality and Why is it Important?

Intentionality – inseparable connectedness between subjects and objects. It is how we are meaningfully connected to the world
Subjects – Humans
Objects – All other things that may be studied, such as things and ideas
Essence – “There is an essential structure to a phenomenon and the intentional relations [interconnectedness] that characterize the phenomenon” (p. 29)
Post-intentional phenomenology – “Intentional relationships that tie participants, the research, the produced test and their positionalities together” (p. 30)

Phenomenologist study the phenomenon and the intentional relations that manifest and appear (p. 27)

Western culture is confused with the word “intentionality” because it means “purpose” and “intent”

Comment – This is the first time I’ve read that philosophy “borrows” a word and changes the meaning. Perhaps non-philosophers would be more open to using this research methodology if the correct words, such as interconnectedness instead of intentionality, were used

In phenomenological philosophy “consciousness is always of something as opposed to consciousness being conscious in and of itself” (p. 28)

“Western philosophy has needed, and continues to need to get out of its own head – and out into the interconnectedness of human relations among human beings and with the things in the world” (p. 28)

Transcendental researchers [Husserl, descriptive tradition] must understand essence and intentionality from philosophical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives

Transcendental research is a “search for the essence of the intentional relation” of a phenomenon and “intentionality is assumed to have essential structures or qualities” (p. 30)

Comment – The author suggest writing a philosophical brief that includes how I conceived intentionality, intended meanings and intentional relationships. I should discuss how my understanding of intentionality will be used in my study

Takeaways from Chapter Two
Essence is the spirit or core of a phenomenon

Intentionality is the interconnectedness of humans with things and ideas

The essence of a phenomenon will not change, but the intentionality of subject and objects is dynamic

In my research paper include statements of what the essence of the phenomenon is and the intentionality of the objects and subjects are. The intentionality statement will likely change as this statement is based on readings, my experiences, and my suppositions.

Vagel, M. D. (2014). What is intentionality and why is it important? In M. D. Vagel (author) Crafting phenomenological research (p. 27-34). London: Routledge

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