Implementing Blended Learning in Education

Blended learning is a hybrid between traditional classroom learning and online or eLearning. It is best described as a mix of traditional classroom teaching and online learning. When designed properly, blended learning, or bLearning, is a powerful learning and teaching tool that can be used in education and training.

BLearning is often overlooked in instructional design and training in favour of eLearning. This may be because of the added cost of renting facilities where learners can meet instructors face to face; however, it is a powerful tool that, when skillfully used, is the best of online and face-to-face learning.

Over the last few years, the flipped classroom has become more pronounced in the education mix. The flipped classroom is an excellent example of bLearning. In this this method, students use online tools to view lectures, listen to podcast, or conduct inquiry-based learning as the home portion of learning. Later in class, they use this knowledge to complete assignments and partake in classroom discussions, assignments, and exercises.

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