How to Search for Creative Commons Material

Do you know how to find graphics or sound for your eLearning modules, website, or blog? This short video will introduce you to the importance of knowing copyright laws and how to use the Creative Commons search function to find just what you need to make your eLearning modules come to life … without infringing on copyright.

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Creative Commons Usage in Education

Using Creative Commons material is becoming more prevalent in colleges, universities, and business. Students and presenters use images in project and presentations to help connect with the audience. Unfortunately, most of the material used in presentation violates copyright laws. Creative Commons is a licencing organization that helps identify material that may be used. There is, however, confusion about using Creative Commons material and how it affects copyright laws and plagiarism.

Before diving into how to use Creative Commons material, it’s important to remember that everything created is copyrighted. The exception is public domain material, which means its creator has been dead either 70 years (in the U.S) or 50 years (in Canada). Public domain material can be reprinted, distributed or mashed up in any way without the payment to the creator to their beneficiaries.

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