Controlling Your Digital Tattoo

social networksThe term “digital footprint” is misleading. A footprint in the sand can be washed away by the waves. It isn’t that simple in the digital world. A newer term, “digital tattoo” is more apt because a tattoo cannot be easily and completely removed without leaving signs it was once there.

While you cannot control what other say about you on the Internet, you can control how you represent yourself. I use several social networks, and all of them are geared towards a slightly different audience. I am highly aware that no matter what my privacy settings are, and that as soon as I put anything on the Internet, I am no longer in control of how it will be used, copied, and distributed. There is no magical erase once something is posted. It’s there forever.

The following are my personal guidelines for usiing Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook

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All Social Media Sites are not Created Equal

Communicators can make the mistake attempting to use all available social networks. With new social networks created almost weekly, it becoming more difficult to know which ones to use and how to use them to achieve maximum impact. But each network offers its users a different experience and a different type of audience.

Here are three tips that can help you save time, energy and help you reach your target audience.

Audience analysis – Look at the different social networks and find out which networks your target audience is using. It’s much easier to go to them than it is for them to look for you. Continue reading

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